Pure Ashley

First Impressions

Based solely on her name I thought Pure Ashley would be a cute young chick doing solo tease content. I wasn´t even sure we´d get to see her pussy because there are certain babes that appeal to the guys that like the teasing more than anything. I was pleasantly surprised to see that she´s a very dirty girl and is willing to do just about anything on camera. The preview video shows her playing with a cock. There´s a tease of her getting a creampie. She fucks her ass with a dildo. She´s also exceptionally sexy with a wicked tight body and perky little tits. There´s a whole bunch of fun to be had with the cutie and I´m looking forward to joining her for it.

Hot Promises

Ashley Jane (that´s Pure Ashley´s full name) says that she´s a sweet girl that just happens to love sex. It´s believable based on what I´ve seen on the tour. She promises to do everything inside and again, if the tour is any indication that´s the truth. When I visited there was a preview picture up of her fucking a chick with a strapon. Members are promised picture galleries and videos along with weekly updates, live webcam shows, a blog with personal photos and plenty of wild pleasure. She´s a girl that does everything and she wants you to join her for the expression of that.


The member´s area is simply designed and proves fairly easy to use. On the right you´ll find the three favorite updates that I assume are the highest rated on the site. Sadly, you can´t click the pictures to visit those updates so that little section is entirely pointless. The first 10 updates ever added to the site are on the main page, which is a change from what most sites do. Typically the most recent content is listed upon login. Ashley is adding one new content set per week and I presume that´s going to continue into the future.

There are 19 content sets and for each they have a button that could lead you to pictures or videos. No set has both though so they´re just putting up both buttons because they´re likely part of some template. That´s a bit annoying but ultimately meaningless. At the moment there are only four picture galleries so clearly Ashley is more into making movies and I´ve always thought they provide greater value for a site so that´s fine.

The picture sets are designed in as simple a manner as possible. There´s actually a program that does them in the way they´re laid out so they clearly didn´t want to put much effort in. There are 15 thumbs listed per page and the first two sets are tiny with less than 30 pictures. The last two are a little bigger with the final one having just under 100 pictures. At least she´s getting a little better with that. I wouldn´t join for the pictures though.

She´s a skilled model and when she gets in front of the camera for a gallery of sexy photos she looks phenomenal. My favorite gallery shows her posing in a baby blue satin bra and skirt set with black trim. She looks amazing in it and quickly gets to showing us her shaved pussy because she knows how badly some of us want to check it out. Wouldn´t you like to admire her gorgeous shaved box´ As Ashley suggests she´s willing to do just about anything on camera so it´s no surprise that her image sets are thoroughly naughty and filled with hotness.

There are 15 videos as of this writing and there are a few options for viewing. You can stream them instantly in a good-looking Flash player. She also provides downloadable videos. The quality differs from scene to scene, which doesn´t make a lot of sense. Unless she´s using a really crappy camera when she does her more public videos (there´s one of her giving a blowjob in a dressing room that downloads at 320x240) then all the videos should be roughly the same quality. Other videos can be downloaded at 640x480 but that´s as good as it gets. They look fine though so I wouldn´t be too concerned.

The videos are where you can see the sexuality of young beauty Pure Ashley blossom. There´s a short descripton of each to let you know what´s going to happen but there aren´t any screenshots so you´ll just have to start streaming or downloading without really knowing what you´ll see. So far there aren´t any videos of Ashley getting fucked, even though one is previewed on the tour. At the moment it´s all her sucking cock and I presume we´ll get to see some screwing. If not then she doesn´t really deliver on her promise of be willing to do anything.

She´s quite the cocksucker though. The guy she´s working with has a big dick but she manages to get her mouth around it and suck him lustily whenever they´re performing together. One of my favorite scenes finds them in an adult video booth at a porn store. It starts with her flipping through the channels to find a video she likes and then she gets on her knees in front of him and starts sucking on his cock. It´s awesome! In the dressing room she also works his dick after posing and stripping and again she looks amazingly beautiful. She´s an exceptionally attractive young lady and he has clearly learned to love her.

There´s a wild lesbian scene where she puts on a strapon cock and fucks a friend of hers. The ladies are both hot and have great bodies and to see the girl on girl strapon sex is mind blowing. The fact that Pure Ashley is there driving her hips forward and fucking the girl makes her seem several measures dirtier and naughtier than she was before. It´s a great thrill to watch too. Other videos include a footjob with a cumshot she licks off, a handjob where the guy cums into her smoothie and she drinks it, a romp in the hotel pool, a solo shower scene, an anal dildo scene and some great fingering.

She does a webcam show weekly but promises of uploading videos of the shows don´t seem to have been followed through on. I certainly can´t seem to find any of them. The site launched in January 2010 though so perhaps she just can´t gotten around to it. Her blog is mostly uninteresting. It´s just updates about the site and offers no personal information or the personal pictures that were promised. It could be written by anyone.

Croco’s Opinion

Pure Ashley is still a fresh site so it obviously doesn´t have the size of something more established. At the moment she has 15 videos and 4 picture galleries and she´s updating once a week. She does a weekly webcam show too. She´s entirely fresh and new though so if you´re looking for something like that she´s perfect. She does almost everything on her site, although she´s yet to actually fuck so I´m looking forward to that. She gives a lot of head and handjobs and hooks up with a chick for a strapon fucking scene. She´s gorgeous and talented and clearly has sexual experience despite her youth. Her site is off to a great start and those interested in her beauty will be deeply satisfied by the experience. I guarantee a quality experience for all that venture out and pay her a visit.


The site is well designed and fairly easy to use. It´s a little awkward that you have to browse a couple of pages to get to the most recent updates. They also need a small screenshot gallery for the videos.

Pricing Policy

It´s $29.95 for 30 days or $59.95 for 90 days.

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